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Custom Scrapbook Invitations

What makes our invitations special and worth your investment?

These days everyone can visit a website with thousands of generic invitations where you simply enter the text, pay for and receive your order in the mail a week later.  At Handmade by Rosalie, we offer our customers a different experience.  We want you to see first-hand how the beauty and love you have in your heart can be communicated in a little envelope sent to loved ones.  In a time where the world is overrun with technology, let us help you take a minute to slow down and realize the special moments of your event.  

Still not convinced?  Give us a call and we'll come up with a design and send you a FREE copy.  Once you see our designs in person, you won't consider another vendor! 

As a special thank you to our clients, each invitation order comes with a framed copy, which will serve as your daily reminder of that special time in your life.

Where do we get our inspiration?

Whether you're looking at our designs for your upcoming shower, wedding, baby, graduation or personal stationary, we work closely with you to find the perfect source of inspiration.  Here are some of our favorite places to find that little "light bulb" moment:
What kind of flowers are you using?  
What are your wedding colors?  
What time of year are you holding your event? 
Where are you getting married?
The possibilities for this lifetime event's inspiration are ENDLESS!  
Let us peek in to your bridal mind and show you how many options there are for your invitations that will reflect exactly what you want your guests to remember from your special day!

Baby Shower
Our favorite is the crib bedding!
We don't even need to see this in person, just send us a link to your bedding online or a picture you've taken and let us translate that crib bumper you spent hours debating over on to paper.  

We are open to any source of inspiration!

Want to see some examples of our work?